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Pretty Lights 2016 Tour Design [Part 2]

The Pretty Lights Episodic Tour of 2016 will go down as one of the most special things I’ve ever been apart of.  The music was beyond anything I could ever imagine, the venues were amazing, and the production we put together is something I am so incredibly proud of.  What you’re about to read is […]

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The Road to the Episodic Festival Tour [Part 1]

There are two questions that I am constantly asked… the first and most frequent is how I got into the business of lighting design? The second, which I am about to go into great detail for the first time, is what exactly is on stage and how does it all happen? It is amazing to […]

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photo credit: Taylor Wallace / Alive Coverage

Pretty Lights Greatest Hits (Venue Edition)

photo by: Taylor Wallace from Alive Coverage With the Episodic Festival Tour behind us, I’ve thought long and hard about just how amazing the last few months have been. To say that this run of shows was special would be a huge understatement, so instead of trying to gush over what went down, I’ve decided […]

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JAM…a simple three letter word that conjures so many different reactions in the world of music. Once upon a time, the notion of jamming was something to behold. If you went and saw Led Zeppelin play a 25 minute Moby Dick, or James Brown lay down a 15 minute Sex Machine fans across the board […]

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Welcome to!

Where do I even begin? First off, let me just say that it is no coincidence that this page is being launched the same week that we return to the amazing town of Telluride. A place that is considered one of the most magical locations to experience not only live music, but life itself. I, […]

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